Cadet Ranks

There are two levels of progression in a squadron, these are the training classifications and the rank structure. Every cadet will work his or her way through the various classifications, with potential to reach the level of Staff Cadet. However, this is not the same for the rank structure on a squadron. Promotion is awarded as a result of selection by the Squadron Commander. The total number of cadets that can be promoted is limited and depends upon the size of the squadron, and selection is a hard won privilege.

  • Cadet Corporal
  • Cadet Sergeant
  • Cadet Flight Sergeant
  • Cadet Warrant Officer

Every Cadet NCO (Non-commissioned officer) in the Corps is expected to:

  • Bear an appropriate share of responsibility for the morale, discipline and control of all cadets junior to him or her.
  • Show pride in the corps and take an active interest in its good name and efficiency.
  • Be smart in appearance and set a high standard of personal behaviour.

Cadet Corporal A Cdt Cpl will have specific duties and responsibilities and should be able to:

  • Recognise the need for discipline and be able to apply it with fairness and common sense.
  • Communicate clearly, orally and in writing.
  • Plan and organise a given task.
  • Command a drill squad.

Cadet Sergeant A Cdt Sgt will generally be given will generally be given more responsibility on the squadron and, as well as possessing all the qualities of a Cpl, should be able to:

  • Accept a greater amount of responsibility, show initiative and inspire confidence.
  • Display a sound understanding of the role and organisation of the Corps.
  • Take an active part in the organisation of the squadron activities.

Cadet Flight Sergeant A Cdt FS should possess all of the above qualities but to a greater depth. He or she should display a level of maturity above that of cadets at the same age.

Cadet Warrant Officer A CWO is a junior manager and should possess outstanding ability and personal qualities. A CWO should have a wide experience of ATC activities, and have a thorough knowledge of the organisation of the Corps. Service as a CWO gives excellent experience for the possible subsequent adult uniformed service. Promotion to Cadet Warrant Officer is decided by a panel at Wing level. Prospective candidates will be a Flight Sergeant, preferably holding the Master Air Cadet classification and will be required to attend an interview at Wing HQ.