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An introduction to …. Road Marching

An article by Cadets Cpl Beckett & Cpl Smith

What's the most challenging weekend you've ever had? If you've ever done road marching, you already know the answer. For those who don't know, road marching is one of the most physically enduring, but also fun, activities the ATC has to offer.

It may sound like a simple task, but when you've spent a weekend marching for 50 miles around RAF Cosford, you may have a different opinion at the end! However, before you get to Cosford you have to go through 10 weeks of training to prepare yourself. The training may be hard, but you'll be glad of it when you march into RAF Cosford on the final day with your head held high. Along the way, you'll have seen some old faces, and hopefully seen some new ones too. The RAF WARMA march is an experience like no other, and it's definitely worth a try. Even if don't get as far as Cosford, you've still tried something most people never would.

On Wantage squadron, several cadets have given road marching a try, and a few made it to Cosford. After getting their Cosford medal, one even went on to do the Nijmegen march, a 100 mile, 4 day road march in Holland. Those who have been to Cosford thoroughly enjoyed it, and some came back for a second, or even third time.

So, now you're interested in road marching, why give it a try and sign up for the 2015 WARMA march.

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