Wantage success at Wing Activities Day 2014

The Wing Activities Day (WAD) held in September each year is a competition with multiple disciplines between each of the 26 squadrons in Thames Valley Wing. The winners of many of the competitions go on to compete in the Regional Competitions and perhaps even the National Championships. This year the WAD was held on Sunday 28th September and was attended by 15 cadets and several staff from Wantage Air Cadets.

An article by Staff Cadet Sgt Casey.

The day began with an early morning, as we traveled to Edward Brooks' barracks. When we arrived there was a briefing for all of the cadets. The cadets from Wantage then split up into two teams; A team and B team. The first activity was archery which the cadets really enjoyed. Then we went back for water rockets with a distance challenge and a timed challenge. Once we finished the water rockets we had a break and time to get ready for the important competitions of the day; drill and banner drill.

At 1100 we were inspected, then marched on to perform the drill sequence that the team had practiced for several weeks, once the drill sequence was finished we marched off and the banner party got ready for their performance. It was very tense half an hour as we were trying to hold our title for the third year running. After an outstanding display we returned to the bus and went to darts; darts was a competition to build a model plane out of soft wood and paper and would be timed for how long it would fly for. When we returned from darts it was lunch time.

Following lunch we did an ATC quiz, learned how to write a good CV, some media skills, first aid and plane spotting. Once all of the day's activities were finished everyone was put together for a wing photo, then the final parade started with the all important 'scores-on-the-doors'. The first trophy was for banner drill, everyone from the banner team was so nervous when second place was called out, but a massive sigh of relief when the Sqn Ldr said "and the winner for banner drill 2014 is… 1861 (Wantage) Squadron"! Then the for the drill that was another tense moment but we came second [only to last year's national champions]. Overall a very good day with some great achievements and smiling, happy cadets.

5 Cadets from Wantage will now represent Thames Valley Wing at the Regional Activity Day on Sunday 5th October in the Banner Drill Competition.

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