Wantage eats cake!

On Saturday 28th March, eight cadets from 1861 (Wantage) squadron held a fund­raising event to raise money for the squadron events and building, as well as the cadets experiences at the squadron.

The event started at 0900 on a cloudy but sunny morning. Many of the public had bought the cakes that were on sale which were made by cadets beforehand. Fortunately, we managed to sell all of the cakes provided by the end of the five hour event.

For the squadron, we raised £197 to help organise 1861(Wantage) Squadron events and other cadet activities.

Thank you to all who supported us.

Article by Cdt Eatwell and Cdt Marsh ER

If you'd like to help the squadron with it's fundraising, please contact our civilian committee,


Wantage Cadets learn from Wantage Firefighters

An article by Cadet Cpl Eatwell.

With the Christmas break over and our first night back to cadets, we got the chance to visit Wantage Fire station.

In two groups (called flights) we took it in turns to visit the fire station. My flight, Lightning Flight, ventured down there first. We started the night by looking at all of the different parts and pieces within the fire engine. This was a chance for us to understand what equipment and structure the fire engine had. Despite the freezing weather, there were plenty of questions and moral was high.

Next we lined up side by side to practice a drill called 'the shuffle'! We had to sweep one foot side to side in front of us, stamp two times. We then had to take a pace forward and with one arm, slide it up and down our body to check for any danger beside us. With the other hand we had to move up and down in front of us to make sure the path in front of us was safe and clear. This drill is carried out in a fire situation when visibility is poor and is used to move safely. After practicing we then had to do this again, but with our eyes shut to get a real understanding of the situation. When we were told to stop and look were we were some cadets had walked round and round in circles which made everyone laugh.

The fire brigade then performed a different drill for us; this was putting out a fire on a second floor. What they had to do, quickly but professionally shocked us all with the skills they had shown. Finally we went into the building to see the shuffle movement performed by the firefighters with all of their equipment and a talk through to help us understand it more. We were shown the equipment and we were amazed at some of it. After all the demonstrations, we applauded, said our regards and headed back to the squadron for the next group to take their turn. It was a very energetic and interesting visit which all of the cadets enjoyed.  Even with the cold weather!

A big thanks to Wantage Fire station for hosting the cadets. If you'd like to find out more about what the fire service do in Wantage, please follow them on Twitter, @firewantage.